Sheer Shades


Sheer Shadings are an innovative fusion of designer fabric and blinds, of high rise sophistication and provincial estate elegance. The warm intimacy and seamless view-through presented by Sheer Shadings, or the preferred Motorized Sheer, is unprecedented in architecture. The signature “Sheer Aesthetic” is created by horizontal fabric louvers or “vanes” back-lit between sheer panels, resulting in the appearance of vanes dramatically suspended in streaming light. Tilting the vanes from partially open to closed positions achieves a full spectrum of luxurious glow, room darkening, and privacy.


2”, 2 1/2” and 3” vanes in light filtering and room darkening


comfort, beauty and energy-saving value


residential and commercial applications

options & styles

headrail options

headrails are composed of color-coordinated

aluminum with fabric wrap insert

color coordinated bottom rail with skew adjust


2”, 2 1/2” and 3” vanes in light filtering & room darkening

operating systems

Cordless Options



A semi-automated option with an adjustable rate of speed, the Cordless system adjusts the shade to the desired height with a slight tug on the bottom rail.

Safest for children and pets.


AMP Motorized

Motorization is the ultimate cordless option allowing control of blinds or shades with a touch of a button. Our motorization system allows an operator to conveniently close or open all shades at the same time or individual shades separately.

Safest for children and pets

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Corded Options


Continuous Cord Loop

Clutch-operated continuous cord loop works on the principle of a pulley, rotating a clutch to adjust the shade for ease and precision.

This system requires less pull force to lift heavy shades and ensures smooth, trouble-free operation making it perfect for larger windows.


Retractable Clutch

Single retractable cord with constant cord length for enhanced safety.

Operates with a pump up/down motion.


Sheer Shadings Collection Book | T19-200


2”, 2 1/2” & 3” vanes

light filtering & room darkening

17 patterns, 94 skus

Actual product colors may vary slightly from colors shown on

Light Filtering 2 Inch

Light Filtering 2.5 Inch

Light Filtering 3 Inch

Room Darkening 2 Inch

Room Darkening 2.5 Inch

Room Darkening 3 Inch